Addison Research 는
Schlesinger Group 의 일원이

We have come together as the world’s most comprehensive data collection and research services provider delivering high-quality recruitment and research services for any methodology.

In-Person Qualitative
세계적인 수준의 실사 장소 사용

Strategically located in key research markets in the US and Europe, our recruitment experts and world-class research facilities are invested in your research success.

Digital Qualitative
보다 강력한 온라인 플랫폼 제공

Easy-to-use, proprietary online platforms for a broad range of qualitative studies including online discussions, web-enabled focus groups, mobile ethnography, and online communities.

Broad Audiences
글로벌하고 광범위한 리쿠르팅 풀 보유

Vast, proprietary panels comprising stringently vetted and deeply profiled consumers, business and healthcare professionals, patients, to meet your research objectives.

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